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Our Business Philosophy

The objective of LXP Records, LLC is to provide high quality music products to you and equally important, reliable customer care for you, our customers. We hope you will enjoy visiting our web site and listening to our music as much as we enjoyed making and providing our music for you.

The LXP Krewe

LXP Records, LLC came together because of the inspiration of Alvin Garibaldi and Melvin Robinson (aka MC Syn-sa').  While creating some of their first songs in June of 2003, they accidentally happened upon a 19 year old, extremely talented, artist by the name of Kent Margin.  Kent had already begun working on a CD of his own, and was visiting Alvin's home one day while he and Melvin were in a recording session.  Running out to the car to get a sample of his own work, Kent asked them to listen to his sound.  While listening to "Remedy", Melvin and Alvin played bass and guitar improvs.  Kent liked the sound enough to ask if they would add the parts to the song.... and on the second take, Remedy was recorded.  The rest is history. 


Lash Robinson, Melvin's brother, is a self taught dancer and the lead member of the three man dance group called "The Untouchables".  The team is aptly named, because their smooth dance steps are nearly impossible for the average dancer to learn without lots of practice.  This dance team looks tough when doing the “Flex”, the “Body”, the “Smooth Bus Stop” and many other dances.  Their three man choreography gets rave reviews in New Orleans dance clubs.  Listen to "The Smooth" and try the dance steps called by Lash.  Best of luck.


Like Kent, Chris Washington visited Alvin's home and asked to become part of the LXP Krewe.  Chris is an excellent lyricist and works hard at perfecting his craft.  A student at LSU in Baton Rouge, Chris promises to be a fine artist in his own right.  Check out "Ghetto Boys" and "The Message" and you'll know what we mean.


"DA" Y aka Joey was a member of the hit group S.B. & Joey back in 1996 when their album: "A Clear Dark Night" went gold.  Selling more than 500,000 copies of the CD on the strength of their hit single: "Pimps Up, Hoes Down", Joey continued to perfect his skills and eventually produced the CD "Distribute Dis Disk" in 2004.  A Hip Hop, Rap and Bounce artist, Joey continues to stand out from local artists for his unique style and musical talent.

LXP Records, LLC

During 2001, Alvin Garibaldi was the Producer of a CD for New Orleans' own DJ Evis entitled: "DJ Evis; He's on Fiya".  Recorded under the Sound Altimate Records label, it was at that point that Alvin decided he wanted to do this for himself.  He wanted to do something much broader than Rap, Hip Hop or Bounce music and wanted initially to explore his 70's Funk roots.  A former guitar player on the local New Orleans and Detroit scenes, with a life long desire to produce music, Alvin set out to record the funk inside him.  Realizing that today is not the 70's, and realizing that today's audiences want a variety of music, he set out to explore as much musical variety as his audience could want. 
LXP's mission is to offer variety, quality and artists who truely belong to the  League of Exceptional Performers.  Made up of artists, composers and writers, the LXP Krewe, as the team has become known, seek to produce music much as a true artist paints on his or her canvas.  We know that everyone won't like every song, but then again, to each artist's own expressiveness and artistic freeedom.

Our Humble Studio

Here is a picture of LXP's Recording Workstation


LXP Records, LLC
New Orleans, LA