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You can listen to "As Time Goes Bye"  Featuring Augustin Jude Garibaldi aka "The Chosen One" by clicking the text below.  We aine scared to come at ya for real!!!!!!!

As Time Goes By


Augustin Jude Garibaldi, President and CEO

Soon to be the toast of Hollywood South, "Let It Fly Productions" has taken to the airwaves.  You've already seen the "Dat Apple Bottom" video and now you are seeing the "Flammable" and "Fa Me" Videos.   Formerly, "LXP Productions", "Let It Fly Productions" is in the house. 
Already in pre-production, look for the "Distribute Dis Disk" movie some time ???????????.  Hurricane Katrina whipped New Orleans and left it totally devastated.  production has been indefinitely postponed until LXP and REXLESS RECORDS can recover from this witch's blow!
Augustin J. Garibaldi b.k.a. “The Chosen One” who is presently in the studio recording his first ground breaking CD, respectively entitled "Past, Present, Future “Testimonies of the Prodigal Son”.  The CD trilogy is based tightly on his life and 20 year battle with alcoholism and substance abuse, how he triumphed to victory over this potent disease achieving sobriety and peace of mind by surrendering his soul to a higher power and how he intends to spiritually inspire other addicts to do the same.
A prolific writer and talented lyricist, Jude is developing several video projects that you will surely love.  Keep a look out for the handy work of  "LET IT FLY PRODUCTRIONS" and "REXLESS TEEVEE".

LXP Records, LLC
New Orleans, LA