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You can listen to "Fa Me" from "Da" Y's new "DISTRIBUTE DIS DISK" CD by clicking the text below.
Want to hear more? Click on the URL by each CD and listen to samples of all the songs.

"Fa Me"

21st Century Funk: The Saga Continues
 - Did you see the "REMEDY REMIX" video on the home page? Check out Kent Margin!



Recorded and Produced by LXP Records, LLC  New Orleans, LA

The League of eXceptional Performers - (504) 246-2098

Copyright 2004



"21ST Century Funk: The Saga Continues", is an eclectic mix of musical styles including Rap, Hip Hop, R&B, Jazz, Funk and Dance music.  Just absolutely great party music, it’s an unusual mix of artists and sounds.  



* Kent Margin, Lead Vocals on "Lets Get This Party Started", "O E O", "Remedy", "Now You Know Now"(free style), "Lord Tell The Devil Go Away"

* Kent Margin and The A M E Boys on "Me & You", "I’m Still The Same" and "What's Up",


* Alvin Garibaldi - Guitar on "The Flex", "The Smooth", "Lets Get This Party Started", "Lord Tell The Devil Go Away", "O E O", "Funk Train" and "Remedy". Electronic Instruments, Background Vocals on "The Flex", "I Wonder", "Lord Tell The Devil Go Away".  Final Mix and Mastering on almost all cuts.


* Melvin Robinson,aka DJ Syn-sa', Bass and Guitar on "The Smooth", "Lets Get This Party Started", "Remedy", "Why You Playing Games", "The Flex", "The Message" ;Lead Vocals on "Baby I Want You Tonight", background vocals on "Lord Tell The Devil Go Away" and "Why You Playing Games".  


* Lash Robinson, Lead Vocals on "The Smooth", Background Vocals on "The Flex"


* Chris Washington, Lead Vocals on "Ghetto Boys Need Some Lovin" and "The Message"


* Karl Jones, Background Vocals on "The Flex",  Karl plays the First Guitar Solo on "The Flex"

Ageless Songs Of Christmas - Sung By - The Young At Hearts



This CD project is a fundraiser, so don't look at the price of the CD, Just remember that 100% of the proceeds goes to Carrollton Hollygrove Senior Center to help it erase a $130,000 debt.  Buy several copies as gifts for friends to help out. 
Ageless Songs of Christmas is the work product of the Carrollton Hollygrove Senior Center Choir.New Orleans, LA.   Their stage name is "The Young at Hearts": and that they are!  From June through mid October 2004, these seniors, ranging in age from 60 to 94, tirelessly practiced and pulled together 16 ageless songs of Christmas.  The Carrollton staff is also included in the choir.  A true work of love, you would not believe the work ethic of this group of seniors.  Practicing 4 days each week, with the fifth day reserved for recording, this choir worked hard.  Available for purchase November 10, 2004, your generosity is appreciated.

Distribute Dis Disk
Joey aka "Da" Y
Distribute Dis Disk


From the group S.B. & Joey who brought you "Pimps Up Hoes Down" back in 1996, Joey has done it again!  This time with his killer CD "Distribute Dis Disk", check out the smooth sounds of "DA" Y.  On this CD you will find the hit single "Apple Bottoms" and many other hits.  Available in January 2005.

It's "Da Heat" BABY!!!!!!

Check it out on CDBABY.COM

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Available in stores now and on CDBABY.com

LXP Records, LLC
New Orleans, LA