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The Saints Are Going To Super Bowl!!!  You are about to experience the bumpin sounds of the one and only Earl "Black Pear" Johnson, IIIl!!!   Make a mental note that you heard this cat here, because it wont be the last time.  He truely is one of the League of eXceptional Performers.  Soulful, insightful lyrics, bumpin beats and a sound that mixes New Orleans' New Bounce" the way your mama N em used to buck jump.  Check out this piece, and you'll agree. 
Special thanks to the Black Pearl for remixing his song "Higher Man" from his new CD entitled "The New Bounce" just in time for the Saints to go to the Super Bowl.  A SPECIAL thanks also to Leroy "The Whistle Monsta" Mitchell and his whole inspiration to us at Let It Fly Productions.  Leroy: Truely is a "HIGHER FAN"!!!  Geaux Saints!!!!   Geaux Whistle!!!!!

Cover Girl - Keys 2 Da Back Door

B-Streezy Cover Girl Video is HOT!!!!!!!!

Here's a lil something for you from 
Chocolate Milk out of The Big Eaxy.  ENJOY!!!!!

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Click on this link to go to Joey's MySpace page!!!!!


Yall aint seen nothing unless you've seen Jolly's  new "So Fly" Video!   Da "Y" is Da Future

In the spot light; And just when you thought that was all, Da "Y" comes back at ya with "Da Heat" featuring Mr. Slimm,  J B and Ya Boy 5 Mics !!!!!! Its Called
Check it OUT!!!!!! Another "Let It Fly Production" 

So you want to go behind the scenes?  Check out "Da Keys To Da Back Door" for the video "24s"!!!!!!

Coming Fall of 2006
Yea Boyz n Girlz! They're taking it from CD to Tee Vee. It's Rexless Tee Vee! See for yourself!

REXLESS TEE VEE DVD plus 21 cuts on CD!

REXLESS Tee Vee is comedy and hip hop all rolled into one.  Its the music you love with the videos that make you smile.  Its a DVD and a CD in one package with 21 tracks on the sound track disk, and a DVD filled with comedy skits and videos.  Click on the REXLESS TEE VEE Trailer and see what we mean.
Also, while you're here, go the the "Let It Fly Productions" page and check out the new Ducktapuh "Chubby Boyz" video.  My Man Manny Fresh would be proud! 

LXP and Rexless Records: Its Da Heat BABY!!!!!!
The League of eXceptional Performers

Mr. Slimm and J. B. (aka the black Victor Newman) have done it again!  It's Da Heat BABY!!!!!!!!  Check out their "Paper" video from their FLAMMABLE CD!@#$%^&*

Augustin Jude Garibaldi b.k.a. "The Chosen One"
LXP Records proudly welcomes its latest exceptional performer, recording artist, and songwriter!

Welcome to LXP Records, LLC!  Check Out Kent Margin performing his songs "Remedy" followed by the video for his song "Toasta" from his upcoming CD "Real Recognize Real". .

Kent Margin

Let It Fly Productions exceeded its own expectations this year by shooting more than 6 videos in 2005.  These videos are in addition to the Apple Bottom and Flamable videos shot November and December of 2004 in New Orleans.  In addition, LXP and REXLESS Records turned up "Da Heat" (no pun intended) this year by filming segments for the soon to be released REXLESS TEE VEE DVD.  The new videos and skits, feature Joey aka "Da" Y, Da Heat featuring Mr. Slimm and his partner J. REXLESS aka the black Victor Newman, The Hardy Boyz featuring Big Boogie and J. Mike and last but not least, Kent Margin.  The "Distribute Dis Disk" and "Flamable" CDs were building serious recognition throughout the Dirty South prior to Hurricane Katrina. New Orleaneans scattered all over the USA are taking the message to the streets that LXP and REXLESS Records are very much alive; and we're heating up as New Orleans rebuilds.   
All videos were shot in HD-Letter-Box format with Digital Cinematic Effects.  They were also edited in all digital formats using the latest software.  Videos included "Da" Y's "Fa Me", The Hardy Boyz' "My Peeps", Kent Margin's "Remedy", Da Heat's "Ooo She Want Some", and "Da" Y's "Project Rides".  Look out for the videos on TV.  Better still, buy them on FilmBaby.com!   You can see most of the videos on the Let It Fly Productions page.  Everyone was taken by surprise by the supurb look of the "Flamable" Video.  Look out for the release of REXLESS TEE VEE on FilmBaby.com real soon.

LXPs’ exec producer, Alvin Garibaldi will be working harder than ever to produce more great music and videos in 2006 along with the multi-talented, co- founder, President and CEO of LET IT FLY Productions., Augustin J. Garibaldi.  In 2005, they showed everyone how it is done!    For more info on LET IT FLY Productions,  click on the LET IT FLY Productions page.   


LXP's newest latin hit, "EDIL" will be coming out soon.   Keep an eye peeled for his upcoming CD.

New Orleans' own League of eXceptional Performers brings you the best of New Orleans original music. 

LXP Records was formed by Alvin Garibaldi and Melvin Robinson of New Orleans in April 2003 with an ear toward re-discovering 70s funk mixed with Rap from the 21st Century.  Not limited to Funk or Rap, LXP's initial mixes have been well received.  The release of its first CD was in March of 2004.  The CD entitled "21st Century Funk: The Saga Continues" features up and coming recording artists Kent Margin, Lash Robinson, Chris Washington and MC Syn-Sa' (pronounced "sin-say" AKA Melvin Robinson).  The CD is a mix of dance, rap and 70s style funk hits.  Sure to win a Grammy for its originality and fresh sound, lets just say that "nothing can compete with the funk". 
Recording in a home studio setting, LXP Records seeks to explore the possibilities and create real music.  Its music is not electronic sounds from beat boxes, though it integrates electronic sounds throughout its music.  LXP uses  New Orleans Musicians who know how to cook up a beat.  And everyone knows how good New Orleans cooking is!  We take the finest ingredients, stir in a bit of beat, mix in a heaping spoonfull of funk, add some rap and there you have it.  A recipe for great music.
Visit our site regularly.  We will give you a taste, so you'll know what we're talking about.  Bon Apetite!

LXP Records, LLC
New Orleans, LA